What To See And Worship At Buddhagaya

1. Sri Maha Bodhi Temple It was first built by emperor Ashoka who make Buddha and Buddhism alive and later it was enlarged and reconstructed by a number of devout Buddhists. It was first located by the great Chinese traveler Hiuen-Tsiang in the 7th Century.

2. A beautiful Buddha image is enshrined in the inner chamber.

3. The Sri Maha Bodhi Tree- This is the world famous sacred Bodhi Tree under which prince Siddartha attained Enlightenment . It is also one of the oldest trees in the world.

4. Vajrasana or the Diamond Seat- This seat made out of sand stone marks the actual spot where prince Siddartha sat in meditation to become the Buddha.

5. There are also seven sites in the Sri Maha Bodhi Temple complex where Gautrama Buddha Passed seven successive weeks in meditation after his Enlightenment : Bodhi Tree: Animisalochana Stupa: Chanakamana: Ratanaghara: Rajayatana Tree: Ajapala Nigrodha Tree: and muchalinda Lake. Stone railings: Votive Stupas and several other stone made images adds beauty to the Temple site. Ashoka pollar-Erected by Great Ashoka near muchalinda Laka.

6. Todaya, the tiny town of Buddhagaya hold a prime place in the international tourist map and it has over 50 Buddhist temples and monasteries besides hotels and guest houses with all facilities and comfort.